Hello, 你好. Welcome to my China travel blog!

I am Esther, a Chinese native girl who has a fervent zeal for traveling, and I'm also a writer and content creator.

I’ve resided in a picturesque city located in the southern part of China together with my family, which happens to be my cherished city. I began learning English at 13 and have since attained a reasonable fluency. While Southerners enjoy rice and congee, we also savor noodles and dumplings regularly

The face beyond this blog

Since my graduation in 2018, I have been working on overseas marketing. My journey began in Tanzania, where I spent six months working and living. Although I cannot recall every single detail of my experience, the abundance of fascinating things in this world remains to be explored.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to connect with many travel bloggers through my work. The daily highlights of my job include reading the bloggers’ articles, as they enlighten me on local customs, religious beliefs, architecture, and language of different parts of the world. Although I have not traveled to many of these countries, their posts always leave me fascinated and longing to learn more about the unknown.

However, I have extensively looked into tourism-related information for China and have noticed that there are very few blog articles written about it, though there are some high-quality Chinese tourism sites available. Additionally, even if such articles exist, they tend to lack sufficient detail and coverage. As a Chinese person, after reading it, I am not sure if it will provide me with adequate guidance on how to visit China.

I have perused the travel blog posts on China by several foreign bloggers, mostly penned a decade ago. Additionally, several videos on YouTube introduce China, and the impressions conveyed in both mediums have remained unchanged for over 10 years. I am aware that visiting China involves several policies, and it is not as easy as booking a flight ticket and traveling for two hours. Hence, this website is tailored to those who have decided to travel to China and are seeking relevant content.

I hope people possess more knowledge about China than solely its major cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. China has numerous other cities that may not appear as modern as the international metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai, but their landscapes and cultural significance provide a deep insight into China’s history. Additionally, through this blog, I aim to shed light on any cultural misconceptions about China to the extent that is possible.

Happy Travels!
x Weiting